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Not everyone requires the same solution from their electronic controllers, each have a different role to play in monitoring systems, feeding back the relevant information and managing machinery breakdowns which improves reliability and significantly reduces down time.

Our partners at Ektron develop and manufactures a wide range of products for both professional and industrial use including ‘switching’ type power supplies, analog and digital multimeters, industrial soldering stations, thermometers, electronic and process variable controls for the refrigeration and heating sector.

Combining the skills of Elektronics Europe and Ektron allows us to develop and manufacture bespoke solutions to meet our customers needs cost effectively and with minimal lead times.

Armstrong Pulpress PU-170

Pulpress Pressurisation unit

Innovative Pulpress pressurisation unit gets new controller.
Developed and manufactured by Elektronics Europe with their partners in Italy exclusively for Armstrong Pumps.
This innovative controller provides a range of management parameters that ensures the effective running of the Armstrong range of Pulpress pressurisation units.
For more information click here.

Flexcon Mini lh60Flexcon 125d lh60

Electronic Digital Pressurisation Unit

Working with one of the largest European manufacturers of commercial heating equipment, eleKtronics-europe updated a traditionally mechanical controlled pump to one with full digital controls.
We were briefed to produce a process map of the existing system and then recreate this with microprocessor controls. Not only did we achieve this but we added value by incorporated many safety features to produce one of the safest and most reliable products on the Market today.
Our system has helped our customer rise to the No1 supplier in this industry thanks to the reliable and user friendly nature of the controller which has seen product failures and engineer call outs drop by 90% due to the controller’s incorporated diagnostics.
For further information click here or from the manufacturer direct by clicking here.

Domestic & Commercial Water Boosting

When Steven J. Elsey the patent holder of the innovative ‘Charger’ water boosting system (that combats industrial and domestic low water pressure problems) was developing the project he needed a company he knew he could rely on to work with him in developing the electronic controlling system that would be the heart of the system.

EleKtronics-Europe working with their Italian partners developed the electronic control unit for the ‘Charger’ water boosting system to deliver the quality and reliability that was required for a system such as this, particularly in the management of water for drinking and heating requirements.

The control unit insures that the water tanks remain at the correct pressure as well as constantly monitoring the water pumps to ensure the total water system remains at the optimum performance levels.

Further information can be obtained direct from us by clicking here.

Electronic 1st Stage - Diving Regulator

Electronic 1st Stage - Diving Regulator

EleKtronics-europe were instrumental in developing an electronic pressure monitoring system to fit within the first stage diving regulator for a well known diving equipment manufacturer.
Working together with their technicians we developed and manufactured the electronic components to fit in a valve that was redesigned internally to accommodate the PCBs, transducer and battery needed to power the unit.
The electronic stage diving regulator provides an added safety features to what is already regarded as one of the best valves on the market today
eleKtronics-europe delivered a high quality, accurate and complete solution to produce a WORLDS FIRST in this industry.
Further information on this product can be obtained by clicking here.

OMD Telecom 190 pdf

Remote control improves safety - GSM Safety Controls

Elektronics Europe worked with OMD Telcom of Italy in the marketing (in the UK) of their GSM digital GLA controller that delivers improved safety and greater flexibility for a range of applications. One such application is on lift cars, where the GLA two way GSM telephone communication device curtails the need for fixed telephone lines. To read more about the GSM digital GLA controller click here.

The GL Remote Monitoring/Control system also allows for remote monitoring and control of technological plants including hydraulic network remote control of compressed air, production and treatment plants, air conditioning and heating plants and the remote control of electrical plants. Further information can be obtained direct from us by clicking here or from the OEM by click here.